Plan Sponsors

Denali is dedicated to providing a comprehensive retirement plan solution that meets the needs of your organization and its employees. The customized Plan Sponsor services are designed to guide you, alleviate the administrative burden and provide engaging support, monitoring, governance and communication to help ensure plan success.

Plan Participants

Denali is dedicated to providing easy-to-understand and efficient retirement plan investment solutions that assist employees in selecting their long-term financial success. The personalized Plan Participant services are designed to advise and educate employees on the importance of saving for retirement as well as provide intuitive tools and materials to educate and assist them on their road to retirement.

Fiduciary Partner

Denali is dedicated to complete plan transparency and an unobscured view of all fees and expenses. Trust is an important relationship component and as your fiduciary partner we are required to act only in the best interest of our clients.

What are your current exposures?

Key Question 1: Have you examined your plan fees to ensure they are reasonable? Key Question 2: Do you have a Qualified Default Investment Alternative (QDIA) designated in your plan? Key Question 3: Do you have an evaluation process to help ensure that the offered investments meet their benchmarks as described in the Investment Policy Statement? Key Question 4: Does your current broker or advisor:
  • Acknowledge in writing that they are a plan fiduciary?
  • Provide a prudent fiduciary process for monitoring investment options?
  • Provide you with investment advice and put it in writing?
As a fiduciary, it is important for the plan sponsor to manage risk by implementing and following a process. The process should involve an ongoing evaluation of each investment option in accordance with your Investment Policy Statement, which clearly states the performance standards and the methodology for replacing underperforming funds. With growing litigation in this area, it is a good practice to have a clearly defined process behind choosing funds and being able to demonstrate the basis behind those decisions.
After receiving the following information regarding your retirement plan we will conduct a complimentary review.
  • Current Investment Lineup (with Ticker Symbols)
  • Listing of Plan Assets (by Fund)
  • Number of Participants in Plan
  • Annual Cash Flows into the Plan
  • Plan Sponsor Fee Disclosure (Provided by Plan Provider)
  • Average Salary
  • Average Plan Deferral Percentage
  • Average Age of Participants

Our 5 Step Process


Identify current challenges and exposures


Develop a winning strategy


Properly position members of the team


Execute the game plan consistently


Monitor results and document

Investing is a tough game. Do you have the right coach?

A winning retirement plan structured by Carl Valimont, President of Denali Wealth Management

With the 401(k) environment ever-changing—DOL regulations; getting employees to save, so they can retire on time; and increased litigation against plan sponsors—wouldn’t it be reassuring to confirm that your 401(k) plan is what you want it to be? The purpose of this book is to share valuable strategies regarding your 401(k) plan process. Amazingly, the similarities between coaching a sport and advising 401(k) plan sponsors to win more often are striking. The results that flow from implementing a successful process are powerful. Sometimes it’s about the scoreboard, but most of the time, it’s about where the puck is and who has it.

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A Denali 401(k) offers a fully transparent suite of services for a reasonable fee.

How does a Denali 401(k) stack up for your business?

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– John “Mac” McQuoan

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