What is a “fee-only” Investment Advisor?

Fee-only investment advisors serve clients by offering investment advice and portfolio management in exchange for a pre-determined, mutually agreed upon fee. We charge a percentage of assets under management, aligning our interests with yours.

Are you a broker?

No. Brokers are licensed to sell securities and are paid a commission based on the volume and type of securities they sell. Any advice that they provide must be incidental to the sale of securities or products.

What is a fiduciary?

A fiduciary is required by law to put your best interests first without exception. Brokers are generally not fiduciaries and may not necessarily have YOUR best interests at heart.

What does it mean to have discretion?

By granting discretion you allow Denali the ability to make specific decisions about the purchase and sale of individual securities without first receiving your consent on a trade-by-trade basis.

Where will my accounts be held?

Your accounts will be held by TD Ameritrade Institutional.

Is Denali Regulated?

Yes. We are licensed as a Registered Investment Advisor and are regulated by the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC).

Can Denali take money out of my account?

Denali does not have the authority to take money out of your account, except with regard to requesting a quarterly fee.

Will Denali hold my money or investments?

No. We will not custody your money or investments under any circumstance.

How often will I get statements regarding my investments?

TD Ameritrade Institutional will send you monthly statements and trade confirmations. You will also receive a quarterly performance report from Denali.

Can I see my investments online?

Yes. Contact us and we can setup access to the TD Ameritrade Institutional advisor client website where you can view your accounts.